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2428 ID 10124 26/10/2018

I am a philologist by profession, I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in Georgian philology, and a master's degree in literature, now studying the Doctoral Program in Education Sciences. (I will complete all three professions at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University). Since 2010 I have been working as a private tutor, working with different age groups. I am preparing students, entrants, students who have to pass a variety of tests in Georgian language and literature, or want to deepen knowledge, strengthen their knowledge, study interesting and in-depth study of Georgian language and literature. I have experience in the public school, as well as in the private school, at the university. I am preparing for graduation and national exams, as well as foreigners to study Georgian as a second language.

Tbilisi, ბახტრიონის ქუჩა 26
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