Door - window "Viva-Plus"Door - window "Viva-Plus"

Door - window "Viva-Plus"

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ID 10554 1956 06/12/2018

Doors and windows Sun-protecting blinds Protective nets from insects The company maintains metal-plastic doors and windows with German "REHAU" 5 cameras and Turkish UNIWIN (63 mm mounting thickness - 4 cameras profile and 72mm thickness - 5 cameras eChardstand profile) with the mechanical and accessories of the Austrian "MACO". 1,2 millimeters of iron. 10 year warranty service. You can order sunsets - saloons, roller-type blinds and insect protective netting. We will prepare the heating booths for heating boilers. Your 17 years experience is a guarantee of your family's warmth and comfort. Take advantage of the Bank of Georgia's low interest rate.

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